Advertising Agencies



An advertising agency provides services in creating, planning and handling of advertising and promotional campaigns, as well as working on marketing and branding strategies. Agencies can be hired to produce radio and television commercials,  online advertising, AR, and mobile marketing as part of an advertising campaign. The most common agency clients are governmental agencies, corporations and non-profit organisations. Agencies work independently from their clients.

To find the right advertising agency, there are some criteria to consider:


Your chosen agency should have an industry knowledge, a core competence and experience in your field. This means they will be able identify key factors and provide your business with specific support relevant to your industry. Understanding your business needs is crucial and your agency should be familiar with handling clients similar to you.

Innovation and Technology

It’s important that the agency has an overall understanding of technology. Assessing agency skills and technological capabilities will ensure that they are able to handle and execute your assignments such as media marketing, website hosting or online advertising. Being up-to-date with the latest technologies is a must, and it should not be overlooked.

Adaptability to Change

It’s important for the advertising agency to be able to adapt to sudden changes any time during the campaign. Therefore it’s necessary to ensure that the agency has the required procedures and processes in place, so when change occurs, the project is not delayed. The agency management team under your account should be able to deal with any changes without interfering with the overall campaign.


Strategic team work, innovation, resourcefulness, and idea creation are all part of a successful marketing campaign. The agency’s approach to troubleshooting, and their response to changes can be a determining factor to their level of creativity. Personal recommendations, testimonials and a portfolio of previous campaigns can also help in choosing the right agency.

This is a critical factor to consider in the evaluation of an advertising agency. This involves the agency ability to differentiate your brand from the other competitors. Therefore, it’s a mandatory for the strategy to be well defined. This is established through the request made to the agency to provide the detailed assessment of the market for your product or services indicating the differentiation opportunities and challenges facing your organization. If the agency is capable of bringing a new strategy to the table, this will differentiate the agency from the other agencies under the consideration


The above are major considerations that should be taken into mind when choosing the most appropriate advertising agency of your choice. With them in mind there is the assurance of success in your advertising campaigns.

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